This is to tell you about this page. LaLa . . . . La is a collective page. If you don't know, a collective page is a page that links to all the author's web pages. So far I haven't made that many pages, but I will.

You need to view this site with 1024x768 resolution for best results, but I try to make it look good in 800x600 too, since most people use that. Its best to view my site with Internet Explorer 4.0 or better if you want it to look good. The layout looks really bad in Netscape -.-; Netscape doesn't like me. Oh, and NO aol browsers because aol is evil ^^;.

The Name
Ok, your probably wondering "Where the hell did she get that name?!?" well, its a looooooooong story. Ok, not really. I was desperately asking people what to call it, then someone said "Call it LaLa.....................................................La" I died laughing, and fell in love with the name ^^.

Site Map
Updates - New stuff I've added and changed to the site. I will update this every time I change something.
Background - This is where you are.
Websites - Links to the web sites I have made. This is the purpose for this site. Most of them are anime/manga related, because of my obsession for anime ^_^.
New Sites - Sites I am working on to finish. I am hoping to finish them all. I change this often, and most of the sites I'm thinking about don't always get finished, or even started.
Miscellaneous - Here there's my Guestbook, links, and buttons to link to me.
Email - Email me! Hehe, I will try to reply ASAP, but sometimes I forget to check my email often so don't get mad if it takes a while.

This Version
This version of Lala...La features Kyo, the vocal of Dir en Grey, a J-Rock group. Seeing a pattern? My last layout was J-Rock related. I can't help it, I'm obsessed =P. This is also the first time I made something purely with html only. I usually use FP 2000, and html. But I'm doing it with HTML only now! LoL ^^; . The index layout has the translation of the lyrics of Yurameki, a song by Dir en Grey, and the sub pages has the japanese lyrics of Yurameki =D.

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