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uhg, i haven't updated this in a while. **hits head on keyboard** k/tawieyvb klwajrfgvkbdfs ok, enough of that. I need to update this more. I just watched Wicked City, its really good, besides the all the nudity and sex. It had sooo many naked womens body's ._.;, whatever happened to the naked men?!!?!?!?!?!? ;_; i'm upset. **sigh** Its a man's world, and a woman's job to watch over them, making sure they do things right. lol. I'm sooo bored. It is a good anime though. I borrowed it from a friend, and he borrowed my Princess Mononoke. He also warned me not to watch it with my parents around, now i know why, lol. Uhg, i'm bored. Very Very bored. I'll just goooo now, byeeeeee.
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**


Name- Holly
Hawlee Hawls Hawlz
Age- 15
Birthday- July 31
Sex- Female
Location- Texas
Zodiac- Leo

Blood Type- AB
Eye Color- Green
Hair Color-Strawberry Blond
Mood- The current mood of hawlee731@earthlink.net at www.imood.com

- Sakura
Mahou Tsukai Tai- Sae
Final Fantasy IX- Eiko
FF VII- Nanaki (Red XIII)
FF Villians- Sephiroth
Utena- Miki
Slayers- Lina
Fushigi Yuugi- Chichiri
Rurouni Kenshin- Kenshin

- Touya
Final Fantasy- Aeris & Zidane
Slayers- Lina Inverse
FY- Tatsuki & Chichiri
BSSM- Galaxia Uranus
KNO- Hayama
Tenchi Muyo- Mayuka

Golden Galaxy
Manatsu no Eve
Insane Red-Head
Linkies Linkies
Nothing Lasts Forever

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This version of Burning Flame (v.3.0) features Tetsu from the J-Rock band, L'arc~en~ciel.  Gotta love Tetsu XD!!