3:32 AM
ROFLMAO!!!!! After i made the Mana layout, everyone that i know that doesn't know who he is is going "she's pretty!" or "she's hot!". I die laughing!!! Then they don't believe me when i tell them that Mana is a guy!!! ROFLMAO!!! god, i love this. just makes me so much happier that i made that layout XD. Oh, and thanx to Jake for inspiring me to make a Mana layout!! god, i love it! i might keep it up for forever!!! i probably won't. oh well. i better be going to bed, its 3 in the morning and i gotta wake up at 7 x_x. bye byeee
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**


    9:14 PM
ewwwwwwwwwww, u know what? Wintergreen altoids and Pink lemonade DO NOT mix XP. bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh. That was nasty x_x. **drinks some more** ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! Your probably wondering why i did that again. Well, i'm thirsty!!! x_x ugh. I got some more malice mizer mp3s, i'm sooo happy!!!! J-rock mp3s are so hard to find!! You know what site i haven't been to in a while, georgecarlin.com . I'm gonna see what new stuff he has! God i love him!! hmmmmm...........now what to do. There's nothing really to talk about since its summer and i don't do anything. Everybody else has all these things planned, and i just sit on my butt at the computer untill i go to sleep, which ranges from 3:00AM to 8:00AM. Then sleep to 1. I allways sleep to 1. If i go to bed at 12, i'll sleep to 1. U know why? Because thats when my mom comes home for lunch and i don't want to be griped at for "sleeping half my day away". I prefer night, forget about the day. I don't like the day. Thats why i stay up at night. Because its not day, no one is up to bug me, i just sit at the computer in the dark. Its so peaceful. Unlike during the day. During the day I have to deal with my sister screaming at the top of her lungs running all around the place. She's sooo loud!!! then when my mom gets home she screams at me for getting mad at jessica for running around screaming. Anybody with younger siblings know what i'm talking about. Your allways punished, and the one that really should be punnished gets at the most, a lil talk. But most times that doesn't happen. They seem to forget about the younger one, and attacks the older one. god, that pisses me off. My dad thinks i beat my sister, and i'm horible. he said that he was afraid of what i would do to her during the summer -.- . MY GOD, SHE'S THE ONE THAT GOES WILD ON A KICKING SPREE WHILE I'M TRYING TO CALM HER DOWN BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BE SCREAMED AT!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ><+
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**

    4:06 AM
YEY!!!! i redid Lalala's layout!! It has Mana from Malice Mizer on it. I've been obsessed with J-rock lately. Especially Malice Mizer and L'arc~en~ciel. I love my new layout soooo much!!! I normally don't love my layouts that much. But I love it, and i love Mana. He's so kewl!! I like him and Gackt. My favorite from L'arc~en~ciel is Tetsu and Hyde. Yep yep yep. **yawn** i'm tired. I'm so bored, nobody seems to be talking ;_;. i think i'll go to bed now, there's nothing else to do.
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**


    11:52 PM
AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOO BORED!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! o_o;;;; there's nothign to do. nothingnothignntonaotknglnotlkgnotnlgnnothing. I went walking in the park with my friend Brittany. And then we went to Wallmart, and then we went to sonic and had some ice cream. yummmmm iceeeeeee creaaaaaaaaam **drools**!!!! Felix brought our ice creams to the car. I havne't seen or talked to Felix since school was out. Brittany gave him her's and my screen names. ^^;;; it was kinda weird since the screen name that she gave him was my Sea Cow Sllut one x_x. lol, ohhh welll. I have many of screen names. and by the way i'm not a slut ;. ok, well i'lll go back to staring at the computer screen doing nothing.
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**

    6:37 PM
I changed my layout! Yey!!! I've been working on it for a while. Getting pissed off because it wasn't working right. But finnaly i finnished!! after going through 6540968 layouts, i chose this one ^^. It was about time i change it from that Sakura one, since it was for spring ^^. I like this one. I also moved my blog back to blogger, instead of pitas. Yeeeeeuuuuuuup. Go to http://hawls.pitas.com/ to see my past entries after the ones below. I'm gonna use write in this more now. o_o ok, now i'm blank on what to talk about o_o...
~-Hawlee-~ **Bored as Hell**


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