Name  Holly
 Alias Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawls, Hawlzee
 Age 16
 Birthday July 31
 Sex Female
 Location Texas
 Zodiac Leo
 Blood Type AB
 Eye Color Green
 Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
 Mood The current mood of at


 Anime Slayers
 Manga X/1999, Angel Sanctuary
 Character Lina Inverse, Yakumo
 Bands Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Gackt, L'arc~en~ciel, X Japan
 Songs Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Cage


 Desktop Gackt
 Winamp Mad Hatter


Golden Galaxy
Manatsu no Eve
Insane Red-Head
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Compy Goodies
Nothing Lasts Forever


This Blog is powered by Blogger.  The Layout features Kurai from Angel Sanctuary.  I really love this manga, even though I've never read it o_o;.  I'm saving my money to buy the mangas XD.



u know what, i'm in the mood to go to a movie. a scary movie, a very scary one. what movies are out? i neeed a goooood scaaaaary mooooooovieeeeeeeeeeeee. lollol. I want to change the layout of my blog, this one is getting on my nerves now. hmmmmmm. I really have nothing to talk about. Today was rather boring. I misssss mrs russel!!! She was my spanish teacher last year, i didn't like her. She was nice, and really sweet, and she loved me, but she anoyed the hell out of me when she teached. i just wanted to scream sometimes. but, for spanish II i have mrs Jennings, and she's all boring, and hard. well, i haven't really gotten far enough into school to say its hard, but i've heard she's really hard. bah, there's nothing else to talk about X_x. aaaag, i'll go make a layout now...
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 8:24 PM.


bah, i haven't written anything since my bad mood. today was the first day of school. BLEH! i hate school. summer went by sooo fast. i was planning to do a lot more stuff to my sites, but the past couple of months i've been rather, i dunno, not in the mood to work on sites. lol, i'm making another winamp skin. Its of Kira from Angel Sanctuary. Well, either Kira or Lucifer o_o;;;, its kinda hard to tell them apart, lol. **shuts up before she says any more and gives out a spoiler** ahhh shit, i think that told ya something. lol, oh well, u didn't here anything from me!!! **looks around and whistles** o_o;;;;. My day started out bad. First, I woke up, that just ruins it all right there. Then, after i got ready i went through the garage to my car (my car is parked outside, and i enter and exit through the garage so i won't need a key) and realized it was raining, i was all -.-;;;. Oh by the way, my garage holds two cars, its just one side is FULL of crap and i can't park my car in there o_o;, ANYWAY, i went to my car in the rain, and i realized i left my keys in the house. So i went back and got my keys and got back into the car. THEN i realized that i left the garage door open. so i got out of the car and ran over to the garage, and as soon as i stepped into the garage my foot slipped because it was wet, and i went flying and landed on the side of my butt. x_x it hurts. i hit the booooone, the BOOONE!!! its all bruised, probably, i dunno, i don't look at my butt that often, lol. It hurts a lot though. It doesn't help that the chairs at school are so hard x_x. ohhh welllll. I'm so hungry. i want food. foood now. now food. chocolate sounds good. yeah, chocolate. with a dr pepper. yummmmm. that sounds sooo goood. OH!!! double fudge cookies with a route 44 dr pepper from sonic. Gotta love sonic's ice *_*. oh, and not just any double fudge, the kind thats sooo soft, and it just melts in ur mouth, homade type *_*. **is so hungry now** i'll just go eat food
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