Name  Holly
 Alias Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawls, Hawlzee
 Age 16
 Birthday July 31
 Sex Female
 Location Texas
 Zodiac Leo
 Blood Type AB
 Eye Color Green
 Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
 Mood The current mood of at


 Anime Slayers
 Manga X/1999, Angel Sanctuary
 Character Lina Inverse, Yakumo
 Bands Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Gackt, L'arc~en~ciel, X Japan
 Songs Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Cage


 Desktop Gackt
 Winamp Mad Hatter


Golden Galaxy
Manatsu no Eve
Insane Red-Head
Linkies Linkies
Compy Goodies
Nothing Lasts Forever


This Blog is powered by Blogger.  The Layout features Kurai from Angel Sanctuary.  I really love this manga, even though I've never read it o_o;.  I'm saving my money to buy the mangas XD.



Ha! I finnaly finnished my new blog layout. Its been just sitting there, on my hardrive, waiting to be uploaded. But i've been busy. i've lately been obsessed with Angel Sanctuary. I've also became obsessed with Dir en Grey. Bah, nobody is online. well, two people are, one normally doesn't talk much to me, and the other said he'll brb. Its been a while. i have nothing to do. I have to stay on my mom's computer because she's uploading something, and so i won't be able to get on the internet. Today was a bad day. Not horible, its been worse, but not good, not good at all. First off, i was late for band, and i had to run a lap. The bad thing is, i ran to get to there, because i was running late, so i was allready tired. Then one of the drum majors was standing at the gate to the marching feild, telling all the people that were late to run a lap. As i ran up, i saw she was there and as i walked up to her i said "I have to run a lap, don't i?" and she said "yep" and i laughed and said "my day has not started out good at all" and we talked for a lil bit, and then i ran. I hate B-Days, A-days are my easy days, besides algebra II preAP. Thats hard, one of my friends is getting out of it ;_; i'm gonna try to stay in. I bet i can do it, i just have to pay attention. Which reminds me, i need to do my homework....;_;
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 9:32 PM.