Name  Holly
 Alias Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawls, Hawlzee
 Age 16
 Birthday July 31
 Sex Female
 Location Texas
 Zodiac Leo
 Blood Type AB
 Eye Color Green
 Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
 Mood The current mood of at


 Anime Slayers
 Manga X/1999, Angel Sanctuary
 Character Lina Inverse, Yakumo
 Bands Dir en Grey
 Songs Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Cage


 Desktop Kyo
 Winamp Mad Hatter


Golden Galaxy
Manatsu no Eve
Insane Red-Head
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Compy Goodies
Nothing Lasts Forever


This Blog is powered by Blogger.  The Layout features Kurai from Angel Sanctuary.  I really love this manga, even though I've never read it o_o;.  I'm saving my money to buy the mangas XD.



GYA!!!! This Koolaid is messing with my head!!! Its one of those color changing ones. It starts out yellow, then changes to red, and then it tastes like grape. Why do they do this?!?!?!? My eyes see's red, my mind thinks strawberry or some other red juice, and my tongue tastes grape! It then confuses me, and i get a bad headache. DAMN THIS KOOL-AID!! **beats it with a toaster**
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 11:36 AM.


I have nothing to do. I'm so bored. I'm still in computer science. with nothing to do. we finnished early. gyaaa, i wonder what time it is. I don't have a watch. I have nothing to talk about either. I have an algebra test today, i dooooon't know what toooo doooo. Maybe i should study. aaag, gtg
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 11:24 AM.

lalallalalala, i'm soo bored. I'm at school right now, in computer science. I'm so sleepy, i just want to go home. Go home and sleep. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I have nothing to talk about. Its raining. wow. thats amazing. I love rain. We didn't march this morning, which was a good thing, but if its not raining tomorrow we're going to march, and normally we don't march on fridays. Ahg! Tomorrow's friday. yey! 3 day weedend toooo. I have nothing to do, but thats ok, i never do anything.
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 10:09 AM.


Woooo, i'm in a good mood. that's good, i'm NEVER in a good mood. wow. And my day was horrible too. Gya!! thats strange. Oh well!! I'm in a good mood and that's all that counts XD. I had band practice at 6 till 8. And I was working hard. But, do u ever get that satisfying feeling when u've been working hard, sweating ur butt off. Because u know that u've been working, and u know that ur doing good. If you don't sweat and if your not tired after marching for 2 hours, u weren't working hard enough. I am soo tired. And sweaty, i better take a shower....
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 9:58 PM.