Name  Holly
 Alias Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawls, Hawlzee
 Age 16
 Birthday July 31
 Sex Female
 Location Texas
 Zodiac Leo
 Blood Type AB
 Eye Color Green
 Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
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 Anime Slayers
 Manga X/1999, Angel Sanctuary
 Character Lina Inverse, Yakumo
 Bands Dir en Grey
 Songs Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Cage


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This Blog is powered by Blogger.  The Layout features Kurai from Angel Sanctuary.  I really love this manga, even though I've never read it o_o;.  I'm saving my money to buy the mangas XD.



First football game is today. I'm in the Band, so i have to go. I don't like football. I'm hungry. lol. Today was are first pep ralley, and the band director was talking, anouncing the band and such, and then he said that this year, the band has a motto. It is "Blow hard, Play hard.". Everyone was all O_O;;;;**facefault**. He didn't realize how it sounded till we got back to the band hall. God, that was sooo funny/embarissing. Cept it got really anoying when everyone else would tell us "Now, Blow hard!" Well, now that was interesting. o_o;;
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grr, today wasn't a good day. Lol, brittany was pressing the # keys on my computer while i was trying to type, a lil explanation of the last entry. I was gonna explain it more there, but i had to do a lab, and then the bell rang. I was trying to type, and then she would just suddenly press buttons =P. if u try to read between the gibberish it says "Oh well hopefully it will get better" and then i started going "would u stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop". wow... **yawn** i'm so tired. Its raining, was. I have the windows open, and i was listening to the sounds. I love rain. I love rain so much. its soo relaxing. it calmed me down after this horible day. Hmmmm, i have nothing to do..... I think i'll go make a layout. I think i'll make a new layout for Insane Red-Head.
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I'm in computer science. I forgot all of my homework to all of my classes. I also forgot my computer science folder. And we have a quiz today, and i didn't study for it. I don't even know what its about. **sigh** this hasn't been such a great day so far. Oh1 2we3ll45 67892222h2o22p2e22f2ully it w2i2l2l 2g2et2 2b2e2tte1r 111111ww1111wo1uld1 11u 1st1op3 16t3 h16a3t163163163s1 6to31p631s6to1 3p613sto61s3to 61s3pt6o13sp6t3 o1s6tp36o1s3tp o6s3tp63s6tp1os6p0to s306tp30ost psotpsot
pso stop! Lol, that was brittany, she's sitting right by me.gtg, bye

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Lalalalala. I've become really obsessed with Dir en Grey. I mean, I have liked them for a while, but my obsession is growing. I like all of the members, but I'll have to say, Kyo is my favorite. Hmmmm, i don't know what to do. Today sucked. Well, it wasn't horible. Yesterday I got really pissed because of all these different things and so I hit the wall REALLY hard for a while. I noticed that when ur mad, u don't feel pain till ur lil "moment" is through. After that, all of the pain rushes in, and its god awful. It just looked a lil swollen though, no big bruise or anything, until today. Today, i caught my sister doing stuff she wasn't supposed to do while i was babysitting, and she saw me and ran away, and i came running after her. Then she ran into her room and locked the door, so I banged on the door REALLY hard, leaving a crack. But stupid me used the hand i hurt the day before! So after screaming in pain, i ran to get something small to stick in the door and unlock the door, and then screamed at her and unplugged her tv. Grrr, she really pissed me off. My hand is bruised now, its purple.
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