Name  Holly
 Alias Hawlee, Hawlz, Hawls, Hawlzee
 Age 16
 Birthday July 31
 Sex Female
 Location Texas
 Zodiac Leo
 Blood Type AB
 Eye Color Green
 Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
 Mood The current mood of at


 Anime Slayers
 Manga X/1999, Angel Sanctuary
 Character Lina Inverse, Yakumo
 Bands Dir en Grey
 Songs Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Cage


 Desktop Kyo
 Winamp Mad Hatter


Golden Galaxy
Manatsu no Eve
Insane Red-Head
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This Blog is powered by Blogger.  The Layout features Kurai from Angel Sanctuary.  I really love this manga, even though I've never read it o_o;.  I'm saving my money to buy the mangas XD.



I'm in 2nd period right now. Its friday!! We had to march this morning, it was really hot x_x. wow....i'm so bored. I forgot to do my homework. Oh, good, its not due today. Ahh!, we have a quiz. I'm gonna fail. i dunno what its about. gyaaa, i have no clue on anything that we did today.
Hawlee rebelling against Heaven at 11:12 AM.


-.- , everyone knows whats going on, i don't even have to explain. I'm talking about the whole thing with the world trade towers and the planes. I'm shocked...everyone is. I've heard nothing BUT that. and i'm scared. I'm not easily scared, but i'm scared. I prayed. I'm not a person that prays much. Actually, i considered myself a agnostic. I'm not say there isn't a god, but i'm not saying there is. But i prayed to God, to watch over the people, and to help us. And i think thats quite odd. I haven't prayed in a long time....oh well, i would rather not think about this right now. I really hope no one else has to get killed....
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I'm in computer science. Blah, i'm tired. Whoops, better go finnish my lab...oh wait, i allready did it. 333333333333333333333 o_o; that was brittany. lol. We had a test today, i didn't know about x_x;;;. I guessed on most of the first part, and the last part. **yawn** I'm soo tired. I went to bed at 1, but that doesn't mean i went to sleep at one o.~ . i like fish heads. o_o; that was brittany again -=P.noit wasn't silly silly am i . I envy Brittany becasue she is the best person and i wish i could be jus like her. **i get on my knees ---to worship her** o_o;;; Lol, we were messing with each other's moniter. aggg!!!!! She's messing with it again!!! ahhh!!!! GYAA!! my --screen is in a little deformed box at the bottom corner of the moniter. woosh, i fixed it. yeeey! Brittany's getting a blog! Its called Pittles. =D weeeeeee. I'm bored ^^. Wr-e're supposed to be working on a worksheet, but i don't wanaaaaaaaaaaa. ;_; i forgot my cd, so i can't do the worksheet. Oh well XD. She probably hears me typing, but i really don't want to do it. Crap! I found my cd T_T that 3means i hav3e3 t3o3 3w3or3k3----------g------- ------s--t- oopp----------------------------- stopstopstop--- stop----stop--------- stop********grrrrrrrrr****rrrr*r rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*rrrrrrrrrrrr* *r****r*r*r*r*r**r*r*r**r*r*r* rr*r*rr*r*r*rr*r*rr*r*r*r* r*re*rrrrrrr*r*r*r* r*r**r*rr*r**r *rrrr

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