today sucked. it just did. I was hoping i would stay in that happy mood. guess not...oh well. I'm not depressed, i'm just, blah. just here. i think i'm gonna go take a nap now...
Hawlee eating evil @ 4:24 PM

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WEEEEE!!!!! O_O i'm in such a good mood!!!!! And u know what? I DON'T KNOW WHY!! lolololol. I'm trying to change my whole attitude about things. heheheheheheheheee!!!! I'm freaking out!!!! I'm sooo hyper. But i have nothing to do. Maybe i can go outside and talk to the squirrels. NO!!! BETTER YET, CHASE SQUIRRELS!! WOOOO!!!!!! XD that would be sooo fun!! I can just picture it, i go in the backyard, and chase a squirrel up a tree, and then our neighbor walks outside and see's my two dogs and me barking at a squirrel in a tree XD. o_o;; don't look at me like that! Yes, i am fine, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MEE o_o; !!

grrrr, that stupid bitch Vicki is spreading rumors about Brittany! That girl has got to pay!!! NOBODY does that to MY best friend ><+++++. If i EVER hear her talking about Brittany OR Aaron again, i'm going to freak. I'll say "LISTEN HERE, BITCH, ......." Ok, i haven't got the rest, but i have the beginning all planned out. It will give her a shock, a BIG shock, since i'm quiet and don't talk much, and nobody irl ever hears me cuss. God, all i hear from her is brittany, aaron, brittany, aaron, brittany, aaron, brittany, aaron!! Shut the fuck up u ho! THATS IT!!! I'll say "Shut the fuck up u ho!!" lololololololol o_o;;;;;.

Weeee, i'm going to the Homecoming carnival tonight. Its really stupid, but i'm working the snow cones thing with camay!! It will be more fun, plus something to do. I don't want to stay in the house when i'm soo hyper. It feels good outside. Nice and cold.

Me and Mandi have things planned out. We're going to go to college and get in the same dorm. And then a couple of months later we're going to call our parents and tell them we eloped with these guys, and that we're pregnant, thats why we eloped. We're also going to tell them that they have good jobs so we're not going to have to work, and we're dropping out of college. Then our mom's will be crying, and our dad's will come up there with shotguns, and when they get there, there will be two chalk outlines of bodies on the floor. We'll tell them that Mandi killed her husband because she thought he eloped with me, and then she killed my husband just for the hell of it XD. And i'll be all "he asked for it, he insulted my hair....". Lmao, that would be soo fun!
Hawlee eating evil @ 4:36 PM

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well, i've been practicing my all-region music. I think i know how its suposed to sound like, but i still can't play it. Maybe because this is the 3rd time i've actually practiced it. Hmmmm, maybe i can find something online...grrrr, to much work. Well, i should be going to bed. I slept all afternoon. till 8:00, and it took me about 40 minutes to actually wake up x_x. I hope i don't have any homework, i probably do, but i'm not gonna do it...
Hawlee eating evil @ 11:10 PM

danget, brittany won't stop messing with the keyboard . **hides the keyboard and mouse** XP
Hawlee eating evil @ 11:22 AM

Hawlee eating evil @ 11:18 AM

Gyaaa, i got no sleep. i went to bed at 4 in tha morning, and didn't sleep till about 4:30, then woke up and 5:30 for no reason. But i'm kinda hyper. My eyes sting x_x. 6363
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85 86 hahahahahah, it didn'
Hawlee eating evil @ 11:17 AM

weeeee, new layout! Yey!!! This time i wanted it to be cute XD. I have been obsessed with Dragon Half lately. Well, better go to sleep....its almost 4 a.m., and school is tomorrow er....today T_T. Well, no sleep for Hawlee.
Hawlee eating evil @ 3:50 AM

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I'm in a good mood. Considering i've been in such a bitchy mood lately. I'm sorry for all those people that had to listen to me (mainly jake). Bah, i don't want to turn out to be one of those anoying people that talk about their troubles all the time. God those people anoy me, and anoy a lot of other people too. But i was becoming one, overly depressed "woe is me" type. Which means i've been such a hypocrite, and i hate hipocrites. Which makes me more of a hypocrite, i guess o_o;; thats confusing. oh well, me and my dad has been getting along a lot better. I have always loved my dad, but I like him soo much more now. i think its because i realise how much we're alike. I admire my dad now. God its hot (lol, nice change of subject). why is it soo hot?!? i'm burning up.
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