weeee, so bored. I'm so hyper too. i'm at my grandmother's house for thanksgiving. my cousin that lives here has dsl. DSL BABY, YEAH!!! sadly, i dont' have it T_T. i'm sooo bored, and tired. Felix has been over a lot, downloading music and burning cds. he's also been scaring off my friends, talking to them on AIM, posing as me. mweeeh, when i come back to school i'm not gonna have any friends XP. lol, it was funny though ^^;. I'm sooo bored. I have nothing to talk about. One of my cousins is on the good computer, so i'm on the crappy one . ohhh welll. i wana play a gaaaaame T_T. hmmmm, i'm stuffed x_x. toooooo... ...much... ...foooooood.... ....x_x. but it was good food, so hey =P.
Hawlee eating evil @ 7:35 PM

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I'm sooo tired. I haven't had much sleep lately. My mom has been pissed because i haven't been home much. So tonight i'm staying here, sadly. i think i'm gonna take a nap soon. i've had very little sleep, also. Hmmmm....yes, a nap sounds good right now =P
Hawlee eating evil @ 4:05 PM

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Woo, i'm in a better mood. I was with my dad all day. He bought me some shoes!! Yey! finnaly! lol, i have so many flip flops and not many shoes. I like them. **yawn** i'm so tired. No one ever gets online anymore. Dammit, i'm bored! Where's Jake, y rn't u ever online?? =( now i have no one to talk to. Its 9:30, i don't want to go to bed, but there's nothing else to do...hmmmm.......i could call someone. but at 9:30? I'm allways afraid i'm gonna wake someone up, or they'll be like "its too late!" I dunno, i'm just parranoid like that, damn... I don't have any games to play, i don't have anything i really want to do, besides talk to people who are not on . Where the hell is everybody?!? I need to clean out my car, i still have sonic in there from halloween. You know what i've noticed, that i've been writing more in my blog, and i think thats because no one ever gets online anymore. So there's no one to talk tooooooo T_T. I'm actually in a good mood, just bored out of my mind. I don't ever sleep anymore, i mean i go to bed, but i don't sleep. it sux. Maybe i should go to bed, hmmmm.
Hawlee eating evil @ 9:36 PM

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grrrr, today sucked. Brittany seems kinda anoyed with me, and i don't know why. She said that kristen has been talking to her about how she thinks i don't like her, and that she thinks I really like felix. So brittany is blaming this on me, when i didn't DO anything! Why doesn't BRITTANY ever call her up to go out somewhere?? I know she never does, but that doesn't matter, because I never call her, so i'm the bad person. She has church on wed. anyway, why the hell would i call her when i know i can't do anything with her! She'll probably say, U could have come with me to church. No, i don't want to go to church with kristen, i don't like her church, i feel like if i say something they'll attack me and scream out that i'm going to Hell. But i can't tell her that i don't like her church, so i'm stuck there trying to make excuses while she's thinking "holly doesn't like me, she refuses to go do stuff with me, she's making up excuses". And why should brittany be anoyed at me, SHE was the one that brought the subject up! I just told kristen that i didn't do my homework, and now i hurt her feelings. Dammit, I feel so bad, but i'm so pissed off! Why is it that i'm the only one that she thinks doesn't like her, I called felix, so that means that i don't like her?

I'm not surprised by the whole "u like felix" thing, she did it last year. Because i would talk to felix during english, and not talk to her. I can't talk to her, i try, but it ends up in silence. Once i pissed her off because she said "soo....what animes do u like, now?" and i was like "a bunch" and she said "tell me about them!" I didn't really say anything, i just was like "ummm....". I knew she wouldn't be interested, and i knew she would have no clue about what i'm talking about. She would be just zoned out, so there was no point in saying anything. She doesn't know anything about anime, the only anime i think she's watched is Digimon, the english version. So because i didn't say much, she walked off pissed. I don't want to make her mad and hurt her feelings, but I don't know how NOT to, she's not the easiest to please.
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o_o... omg, this morning i had to go to hallsville, because the band directer wants to do this combined thing. Hallsville is our rival, but they seem to hate us more than we hate them. As we were walking by, they were just staring at us. the whooooole way! they were all with us like o_o;;;;;. They're such hicks too, their band director was like "we're gonna have a hoe-down!!" and they were all "howdy!" and wearing overalls. I mean, if u wear overalls doesn't mean ur a hick, but those were hick overalls! And we walked in the parking lot, which was their marching field, and there was horse shit EVERYWHERE. Their football benches are made of rotting wood, and they look like their going to break. o_o and they were staring at us, that was so scary........ lolololololol. I slept the whole way there and back, that was the best part of the trip.

Wooo, yesterday was halloween. I didn't dress up or anything. I was bored sitting at home, so i called Felix, and drove to his house. We were just out going places. He drove my car, because I scared him with my driving =P. I dont drive THAT bad.

I think Kristen is mad at me, again. She allways gets mad at me, ALWAYS. I don't mean to, but she has a temper. Today, it alll started at lunch, i completly forgot about my Dia de los Muertos (sp??) project in spanish because i was out doing stuff all last night, and i told her that i got home late. And then Brittany said...

Brittany: Yeah, because u were out with felix!!
Kristen: u were out with felix?!? Just u and him, and he called u??!?!?!?"
Me: o_o;
Brittany: no, she called him!!
Kristen: U called Felix?!?!? why didn't u call me?!?!? u chose felix over ur friends?!?!?!?!?
Me: Felix is my friend
Kristen: But u chose him over ur better friends, u like felix don't u?!?!?!??!?
Me: Yeah, he's my friend
Kristen: u have a crush on felix, u went out on a date with him!!!!
Me: o_o; ummm, what?
Kristen: I've had this feeling that u dont' like me anymore
Me: What??? why??? I like u!!
Kristen: Well u didn't like me in 7th grade!
Me: that was 6th grade, and i didn't know u much, u just hung around my friends and i didn't know who u were
Kristen: But u said that u didn't like me!!!
Me: I didn't say it like that, u took it wrong

Then she walked off, and brittany said she thinks i made her cry. I don't know what i did!!! I didn't actually DO anything, and that was a LONG time ago!!! 6th grade!! 5 years ago! I feel bad/mad about it. I feel bad because i made her cry, but dammit, i don't know what i did! was it because I called felix?? and why does she attack me screaming out that i went on a date with felix, outside, at lunch, when people were around. His friend Tommy has that lunch, what if he heard? and told felix that i'm going around saying that i went on a date with him. I didn't even bring the damn subject up!!! I just said that I got home late! then brittany had to add on. **sigh** oh well, i still feel bad about it.
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Weeee, i'm bored. My mom is working on my computer, updating it. I got a new motherboard. weee, maybe my computer won't act up as much. Grrrrr, stupid computer. T_T i want it back thoooooough. I wana make another layout XD. Hmmmm, i wana make a new site, but i don't want to work on any of the ones i have in progress. Hmmm...........o_o; I don't want to work on my Yakumo shrine until i get most of the manga. But i could start it........hmmmmmm, i dunno. =P i'm bored.

On the way home from Area Marching Contest, we ate at Joe's Crabshack. XDDDDD i've never been there. Woo, it was wild, everyone in the band was going crazy. I was outside though, and it was freezing coooold. It took forever to get in there, because there's like 120 people in the band. I feel sorry for the people who went there to eat, being attacked by a bunch of band members, thats scary...o_o;.................lol ^^;. I didn't really like what i got, mainly because i was gonna try stuff i've never had before, and i just didn't really liked them. But i know i like shrimp, and the shrimp was good XDDD!!! I had squid, it was pretty good XD. I bought my dad a t-shirt that says "Got Crabs?" on the back it says "We Do! Joe's Crab Shack". And i got me some boxer shorts that say the same thing all over. They're so comfortable. hey, i've never been to joe's crabshack, and i've allways wanted to go, leave me alone about it XP. We don't have a Joe's here T_T. lolol, i love sea food.

Lalala, so bored o_o;. nobody's on to talk tooo T_T. Anyone to call? hmmmm, i don't like calling people o_o;, i rather them call me. I hate it when i call someone and then someone else answers. It scares the hell out of me. Especially calling late at night. Once someone told me to call them when they get off of work, which was about 11:30, and i did, but they weren't home yet, and someone else answered. and they were all tired and dead, so i was afraid i woke them. I hate it when people ask my name too. Its like "hello?" "hi, is (insert name here) there?" "who is this?" "Holly" "oh, they're not here right now" **hangs up** they don't even say bye, or anything. Thats why i like caller ID, then the person u talk to normally answers. Well, at least I do. We have caller ID, and I answer whenever its one of my friends, otherwise my mom normally answers. If i'm not there my mom normally answers and tells them i'm not here, but thats about the only time that she answers the phone when my friends call.

You can tell i'm really bored. I've been talking about nonsence this whole time x_x. I think i might start making my Yakumo shrine. Ooooo!!!!! adult swim's on!!! better go watch that XDDDDDDDD
Hawlee eating evil @ 9:03 PM

Woooo, yesterday we went to Area Marching Contest in Dallas (yes, i'm a band nerd XP). October 17 we went to Region, and got straight 1's (the best u can get), which qualified us to go to Area. We made 5th out of 18 bands, making us second alternate. XD i'm so happy. This is the first time we went to Area, and we got alternate, which means we can get better XD. Only 3 bands advance to State Marching contest. I'm kinda glad we're not going to State, even though it would be kewl, because i'm tired x_x. All the years before, after Region, we rested because thats all we were aiming for. After that, we relaxed. But this year we had to keep on working harder and harder for Area, and I don't know about anyone else, but i'm all worn out. We were the only Military Band that went to Area, everyone else was Corp. I found out from my mom that the corp bands were making fun of us, most of them didn't know what the hell a military band was. Some were confused, and others were like "WTH? they didn't do anything!". There is a difference in military and corp bands. Military is more of the "old" style, it consists of SHARP turns, alignment, everything has to be together. Everything has to snap and be sharp, which if u think about it, its like the Military. Now, i am certainly not an expert on corp bands, but its a lot different. My mom, and her generation called them "show bands", because thats like it is, its for show, flare, fancy. They sometimes dance, and make shapes, go in circles, curves, all that stuff. While military is strict, 6 steps per yard-line. Corp goes sideways, backwards, every which-a-way. Personaly I like military, but i can enjoy corp. And I don't make fun of them XP. Military is getting very scarce, very few bands are military now.

Wow, are u actually reading this? I didn't bore u? lol, i'm just babbling on about Marching. Yes, i admit, i'm a band nerd, but its kewl, i guess. I love music so much. I play a clarinet, and i'm 5th chair out of about 20 clarinets. o_o; ahhhh, there i go blabering about band again, weeeeeee. I'm really bored. T_T i dont want to go to school tommorow. I''m watching some Frankenstein (sp?) movie. Its sad, poor Frankenstein, he doesn't know anything, and people are trying to kill him. He's just missunderstood, thats allll! ;_; sad, so sad.
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computer alone!!!!
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-.- brittany, leave the
Hawlee eating evil @ 11:34 AM


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O_O....wow. I finnished silent hill o_o. There's like 4 endings, i got the Leave ending. I read that thats the hardest ending to get. wow, I never found that out till i finnished. **yawn** so tired, i need to take a shower o_o;.
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=( i lost my last post, because SOMEONE deleted it!!! XP
Hawlee eating evil @ 11:38 AM

lalalala. I'm in computer
this is brittany taking over the computer
hwehehehehe feal my wrath
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Once, when I was standing outdoors, barefoot, enjoying a plesently moist day, I discovered a banana slug on my foot, trying to eat my toe. Suddenly, I noticed more slugs coming my way. I ran screaming from the horror, as I still do to this day when I find myself barefooted outdoors and see a banana slug. In fact, I believe banana slugs to be one of the most vicious and pathalogical predators (sp?) of human beings on the planet. There are only two reasons why we don't hear more horror stories about banana slug related deaths. First, they're not very smart. They can't plan ahead, use tools, or lure their prey with suddle bait. Second, and this is the important thing to remember if you ever find yourself in a life threatening situation where the banana slug HAS the upper hand, they are very, very slooow.
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