Golden Galaxy
My shrine to Sailor Galaxia and her Animamates on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. This page references ONLY to the Japanese version, besides, Sailor Galaxia is only in the Japanese version (and I hope it stays that way).
Manatsu no Eve
A shrine to the sweet, lovable Mayuka from the second Tenchi Muyo movie! This site is not fully done, I still need to finish the movie summary X_x.
A shrine to Sniper Wolf from one of the best games ever, Metal Gear Solid.

Insane Red-Head
My personal page, where you can learn about me! . . . . . Joy.
Burning Flame
Meh Blog. Just in case your interested about the stuff that goes on in my life. Or your just bored and wanted to have a laugh.

Compy Goodies
Desktop goodies for your computer that I have made. It only has wallpapers and winamp skins right now, but more will be added on later when I get around to making it.
Nothing Lasts Forever
A archive of my past layouts. In case your interested.