HaHA. I changed the layout. This time it features Kyo from Dir en Grey. I love it! I had to say bye to my Mana one ;_; we had so many laughs together. Lol, I would freak all my friends out because they would think he's a girl. It was funny. But I really love this layout. I made it purely by html, the first time I actually did it purely with html. I've allways used html before, but there were somethings I just used frontpage 2000. But now I use Arachnophilia, which lets you write html pages, java, C++, CGI, and other stuff XD. I'm learning C++, so I'm happy, lol XD.

I changed my Layout again. This time featuring the lovely Mana. Yes, Mana is a GUY. He's so pretty *_*. I realized that I haven't added Okami to my Sites section x_x so I added it. I also moved my Compy Goodies to my Sites section, and got rid of my Multimedia section.

I changed my Blog back to Blogger, and redid my layout. I also made Okami a while back and redid Manatsu no Eve's layout and updated it, adding more content. I can't remember when I did this, so I'm just going to mention it now.

I changed the layout. I wanted to do a layout with Tasuki, my favorite Fushigi Yuugi Character! I haven't updated in a while, because I've been working on redoing Golden Galaxy. Its now a Galaxia and Animamate shrine, not just Galaxia. I've also been making some winamp skins, and I'm gonna be adding those to the Compy Goodies.

I changed the Layout, this time of the Moon Kitties from BSSM. I scanned it from my BSSM artbook. I think its really cute, and very blue. I uploaded my personal page.

I changed my layout agian! I love this one!! I've updated this site some between the last date and this one, but I forgot to update the update section. Sorry! ^_^;; I gotta remember this thing! Also I changed a couple of things, like wording and such.

I changed my layout, I hated the layout I did before!

I STARTED THIS WEBSITE!!! WOOO!!!!!!!!! I've been planning to make a collective site for soo long but now I've finally made one! I'm sooo happy!!!! XD