This is just a little collection of Winamp Skins I've made. I haven't made a lot. If you want to put one on your site, Email me first, with the name of the winamp skin you want to put on your site, and your site name, and wait till I reply before puting it on you site. I will reply ASAP. Please do not steal them and claim them as your own, I have worked hard on these skins. I don't use any skin program to make them, just photoshop 6.0. These winamp skins aren't divided into catagories because I thought there was no purpose since there's not many.

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Name: Hiru no Tsuki
From: J-pop
Character: Hayashibara Megumi
Comment: This was the first Winamp skin I made. Hayashibara-sama is the best! I love her to pieces.

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Name: Angel's Fantasy
From: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (manga)
Character: Marron (i think o_o; )
Comment: I really love the original picture, its very pretty. It looks best against light colors, but it looks fine against dark. I had a little KKJ obsession when I made this.

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Name: Mujaki no Umi
From: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (manga)
Character: Marron
Comment: Ahh! This pic is soo cute!! Marron is soo adorable! I love this skin! Weeeee **dances**

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Name: Hikari no Yami
From: Slayers (manga)
Character: Lina Inverse
Comment: Wooo, Lina Inverse is my idol. I worship her, she's the kewlest!! Lol, I'm ok, really I am. I love the original image, its soo awesome! o_o;

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Name: Broken Heart
From: Digimon Tamers (anime)
Character: Makino Ruki
Comment: I made this for my friend, Jake, even though I've never seen this anime. And I refuse to watch the dub, since the digimon dubs are horible XP. Oh well, I really like the way this one turned out.

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Name: Sea Cucumber
From: Slayers (anime)
Character: Naga the Serpent
Comment: Naga is the most hilarious character in Slayers! And she has the best laugh ever! I like the way this skin turned out, and I really love the playlist XD. OH HO HO HO HO HOO!!!!!

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Name: Orange Soda
From: Mahou Tsukai Tai (anime)
Character: Nanaka
Comment: Nanaka is the kewlest!! This skin is, lol. This would be a good halloween skin o.~ lol.

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Name: Himitsu
From: Slayers (anime)
Character: Xellos
Comment: I love Xellos! Is there any Slayers character I don't love? I couldn't think of anything to name it, I thought Himitsu was appropriate =P.

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Name: Condemned Soul
From: Angel Sanctuary (manga)
Character: Sakuya Kira
Comment: I am in love with this skin. Kira is my favorite character in Angel Sanctuary XD!